Is Selling a House in Spring Always Best?

Conventional wisdom has always said that springtime is a great time to sell a house. Statistics from the National Association of Realtors confirm this. March sales activity typically increases by more than 30% from February and continues to go up into the summer months. 

If you’re ready to put your house on the market in March or April, you’ll be able to take advantage of real estate seasonality. But if you need to sell before the spring thaw, or miss the spring-summer window, it’s not the end of the world. Homeowners can find buyers and get a good price at any time of the year.

What Makes Spring “Home-Buying Season”?

In places like St. Louis where winter can be cold and gloomy, the real estate market warms up along with the weather. More people are thinking about moving in spring so it’s a good time to put a house up for sale. 

There are a variety of reasons why buyers are more likely to look once winter ends:

Kids’ School Schedules

Unless a family finds a home in the same school district, moving during the school year can be very disruptive for the kids. Waiting until spring or summer gives them some time to settle into the neighborhood and perhaps meet some new friends before the first day of school. 

More Inventory to Choose From

Knowing there is such a thing as “home-buying season” naturally leads homeowners to take advantage of the season and sell in spring. This is good news for buyers, giving them more houses to choose from.

Convenience and Comfort

Nicer weather and even the switch to daylight savings time make going out and looking at homes more pleasant. Whether it’s touring homes or the move itself, people don’t want to deal with snow, ice, or frigid temperatures unless they absolutely have to.

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The Advantages of Selling a House In Spring

As if an increase in buyers—and buyers’ enthusiasm—wasn’t enough, there are many other advantages to selling a house in spring. 

Higher Sales Price

Homes sold in the month of May tend to fetch the highest prices. One study calculated that sellers in May 2023 received an average of 12.8% over their home’s market value. The real estate market fluctuates, of course, but in general spring and summer bring more buyers trying to outbid one another, pushing prices up.

More Accurate Comps

Real estate agents look at comparable properties to determine a reasonable asking price. In springtime, there are more houses for sale, and therefore more data to pull from. This results in a more accurate valuation than if yours is the only home like it on the market. 

Springtime Curb Appeal

Winter months have little to offer in terms of outdoor beauty. Selling a house in spring, on the other hand, means being able to take advantage of the natural curb appeal of green grass, budding and flowering trees, and flowers starting to bloom. 

Sunshine and Natural Light

Longer, sunnier days in spring are beneficial to sellers for a few reasons. First, showing a house after the workday will no longer mean arriving after dark. And interiors look great with natural light shining through the windows. 

More Visible Outdoor Features

It’s hard for buyers to get excited about swimming pools, ponds, and backyard patios when it’s too dark to see them or they’re covered in snow. The arrival of spring puts all of a home’s wonderful outdoor living opportunities on full display. 

Better Open House Attendance

Warmer weather makes people want to get out and about. An open house on a lovely spring day will get more traffic than one in cold, wintery conditions.    

Can’t Sell By Spring? Never Fear!

Springtime and summer definitely have some advantages for selling a house. But homeowners who need to put their homes on the market in fall or winter can be just as successful. If you’re worried that you’ve missed your opportunity, consider these things about selling in the “off-season”:

  • People need to shop for a home for all kinds of reasons that have nothing to do with the seasons, like switching jobs, a divorce, or a new baby. These are just as likely to happen in the winter as in the spring.
  • Buyers like spring because there are more houses on the market. From the seller's perspective, that means more competition and possibly a harder time making their house stand out from all the rest. Some homes may do better in fall once the season slows down.
  • While a home may have fewer people looking at it in the winter, those prospects may be more serious. Only those who are really interested will go out in bad weather. Some may even want to view a home over the holidays.

Real Estate Agents Are Ready Any Time of Year

In real estate, timing plays a crucial role, and selling a house in spring is favorable for finding buyers as well as getting the best price. But homeowners can successfully sell their homes any time of the year with the right agent.

Contact Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Select Properties. Our agents can help you get ready to take advantage of the spring home-selling season. And if you need more time, that’s fine. We’ll be ready when you are!

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